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  When it comes to CSS techniques, nobody is more stubborn and smart enough to find solutions to any problems than Lea Verou. Recently, Lea has written, designed and published CSS Secrets, a

  I’ve often heard there are four stages along the road to competence: unconscious incompetence, conscious incompetence, conscious competence, and unconscious competence. Most of us begin

  In UX design, few things are more intricate than time and personal time management — only a good arsenal of mobile design patterns and information architecture principles can save yo

  The waiting is over. Smashing Book #5 is here, it's smashing, and it's shipping worldwide — in fact, all pre-orders have just been dispatched. Think of it as a reliable playbook to mast

  As UX professionals, we know the value of conducting usability research. But UX research initiatives — even when designed well — are not perfect. A lab study to test a website,

456 Berea St. | Web Standards

Most web developers currently use vendor prefixes in CSS to enable certain features in some browsers. That’s fine, but sometimes I see code examples and prefix-adding tools that go a bit overboard w

In a couple of recent projects I’ve faced designs where the main navigation bar gave me more trouble than usual. These are the prerequisites that make the problem tricky to solve: The navbar is f

Over six years ago I wrote a short post about preventing HTML tables from becoming too wide. The solutions I offered in that post involve using table-layout:fixed to lock down the width of tables. Whi

When trying to force an element to always extend to the height of its parent I ran into some peculiar browser behaviour that I thought was worth mentioning. Here’s the situation: The parent eleme

Allowing images to scale along with their container is an important part of responsive web design (and was so even before the term “responsive web design” existed). It’s really quite easy – al

W3C | Web Standards

The Linked Data Platform (LDP) Working Group has published a Group Note of Linked Data Patch Format. Linked Data Patch Format (LD Patch) defines a language for expressing a sequence of operations for

The Internationalization Working Group has published a First Public Working Draft of Requirements for Chinese Text Layout. The document describes requirements for Chinese script layout and text suppor

The XML Security Working Group has published a Group Note of XML Signature Syntax and Processing Version 2.0. This informative W3C Working Group Note describes XML digital signature processing rules a

The Spatial Data on the Web Working Group has published the First Public Working Draft of its Use Cases and Requirements document. It is being published simultaneously by both W3C and the Open Geospat

The System Applications Working Group is in the process of being closed, and are republishing the group’s working drafts as working group notes to indicate their change of status. Task Scheduler API

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When it comes to tech, many ideas gain popularity quickly as a halfway solution to a problem with longstanding challenges. One of the latest for business intelligence is data blending. Data blendin

Amid the more technically-oriented features — package management, Virtual Secure Mode, DeviceGuard — that I’ve chosen for what purports to be the final Windows Top 10 Features list

The expression “penny wise and pound foolish” is perhaps a bit harsh, but mid-sized businesses are often the living embodiment of the idea. Continue reading... Follow us on T

Another research firm is venturing a guess about the size of the Internet of Things (IoT). And guess what? It's going to be bigger than we thought, Juniper Research claims. In the next five

Despite evidence to the contrary, records managers haven't gone extinct — yet. But they might, unless the role evolves. Simply ensuring data compliance isn't enough any more, accordi

Search Engine Watch | SEO

Launched earlier today, ypPresence Starter serves as a central dashboard for its local advertisers to manage their content, reviews and social activity.

Google effectively kills off the Google+ social network in everything but the name.

Whether you’re managing a campaign yourself, or you’ve hired an SEO professional, ask these 7 questions to determine if your campaign is on the right track.

Google is pulling its unofficial Autocomplete API from August 10, 2015 due to it not providing a meaningful user benefit.

Using Google Display Networks, one client saw a massive increase in clicks and impressions, though not many conversions. However, display often has a better impact on search campaigns than they appear

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