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Most web developers currently use vendor prefixes in CSS to enable certain features in some browsers. That’s fine, but sometimes I see code examples and prefix-adding tools that go a bit overboard w

In a couple of recent projects I’ve faced designs where the main navigation bar gave me more trouble than usual. These are the prerequisites that make the problem tricky to solve: The navbar is

Over six years ago I wrote a short post about preventing HTML tables from becoming too wide. The solutions I offered in that post involve using table-layout:fixed to lock down the width of tables. Whi

When trying to force an element to always extend to the height of its parent I ran into some peculiar browser behaviour that I thought was worth mentioning. Here’s the situation: The parent eleme

Allowing images to scale along with their container is an important part of responsive web design (and was so even before the term “responsive web design” existed). It’s really quite easy – al

W3C | Web Standards

The Internationalization Working Group has published a Working Draft of Language Tags and Locale Identifiers for the World Wide Web. This document describes the best practices for identifying or selec

The Linked Data Platform (LDP) Working Group has published a Group Note of Linked Data Platform 1.0 Primer. This primer provides an introduction to the Linked Data Platform (LDP), with examples illust

The Web Applications Working Group has published a Working Draft of Clipboard API and events. This specification defines the common clipboard operations of cutting, copying and pasting, in such a way

The Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Working Group has published a Working Draft of CSS Cascading and Inheritance Level 4. CSS is a language for describing the rendering of structured documents (such as H

The CSV on the Web Working Group has published a new set of Working Drafts, which the group considers feature complete and implementable. Model for Tabular Data and Metadata on the Web: an abstract mo

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Marketing on CommissionDo marketers know how to deliver revenue?Open Your Twitter DM Door? Twitter’s letting you in the inbox.World of Team PlayersLike it or not, you must be a collaborator.Find

Show me a company that doesn’t provide a way for its knowledge workers to share and collaborate on documents via their mobile devices and in the cloud, and I’ll show you a company that has

According to a recent Aberdeen report, 94 percent of company leaders say that effective hiring is key to helping them achieve their business objectives. While this may be stating the obvious, companie

Every so often you find a “wake-up-and-smell-the-coffee-people” report. Gartner’s recently released 2015 CEO Survey: Committing to Digital is one such piece of research. Th

The growth of cloud file sync and share (FSS) solutions is one of the success stories of the cloud industry. As consumer adoption of these tools races ahead, many businesses are wondering whether ente

Search Engine Watch | SEO

Google reported a 4 percent increase in profits for Q1, driven by a steady growth in ad revenues. The company was hurt by the recent strength of the U.S. dollar, however.

Facebook is testing an app called "Hello" that will allow users to see names and images of incoming callers on mobile regardless of whether or not they are saved as contacts.

Much like Google did last year, Bing is now beta testing shopping campaigns, which give advertisers more sophisticated management and performance tracking capabilities.

With Google rolling out its latest algorithm change earlier this week, many business owners may be scrambling to make necessary adjustments after seeing themselves take a plunge in mobile search resul

As search professionals, we all know that measuring our campaigns is the first key to developing a strong and competitive presence in search. However, there should be a difference in how you measure t

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