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  Since seven years, our monthly desktop wallpapers post is a Smashing favorite that wouldn’t be possible without the tireless efforts of designers and artists from across the globe. Each

  Let’s get a few things out of the way first. This isn’t your regular Smashing Magazine article. It’s not a “how to“; it won’t show you how to build a better menu or improve you

  “Black Friday” has many explanations and various historical reasons. Besides that, every year it leads to people buying things just because retailers give huge discounts. But do you re

  On 12 January 2015, Getwear, an integrated custom jeans company, processed its last order. After that, the company shut down. Despite coming up with a unique custom production process and

  Ask ten people what SEO is, and you’re likely to get ten different answers. Given the industry’s unsavoury past, this is hardly surprising. Keyword stuffing, gateway pages, and comment

456 Berea St. | Web Standards

Most web developers currently use vendor prefixes in CSS to enable certain features in some browsers. That’s fine, but sometimes I see code examples and prefix-adding tools that go a bit overboard w

In a couple of recent projects I’ve faced designs where the main navigation bar gave me more trouble than usual. These are the prerequisites that make the problem tricky to solve: The navbar is f

Over six years ago I wrote a short post about preventing HTML tables from becoming too wide. The solutions I offered in that post involve using table-layout:fixed to lock down the width of tables. Whi

When trying to force an element to always extend to the height of its parent I ran into some peculiar browser behaviour that I thought was worth mentioning. Here’s the situation: The parent eleme

Allowing images to scale along with their container is an important part of responsive web design (and was so even before the term “responsive web design” existed). It’s really quite easy – al

W3C | Web Standards

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CMS Wire | Content Management

Michael Dell and Joe Tucci were probably expecting to have celebratory Thanksgiving dinners. Having orchestrated what some are calling the largest (and probably most complicated) tech deal in history

If someone asked you to define the purpose of your company — other than to make money — would you be able to give an answer? Without a clear sense of purpose, not only do you risk losing

M-Files has some projects in the works that its users (and competitors) should take note of. The enterprise content management (ECM) system provider is looking to extend its infrastructure beyond the

When Mike Ehrenberg, technical fellow at Microsoft Dynamics ERP, described Microsoft Dynamics AX's complete overhaul to CMSWire earlier this month, he may have tipped his hand on the company's focus

Every worker wants a few things, according to the CEO of intranet provider Jostle. “They need to know what’s going on and where they fit in,” said Brad Palmer, CEO and co-founder o

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Businesses know that the holiday period can be critical to the success of their entire year, with nearly one fifth of annual sales occurring during these couple of weeks.

Join us as we set our 'out of office' till Monday 30 November and find the roomiest pair of sweatpants in our wardrobe.

Using Google Trends data, here's a look into what the most popular traditions are and find out just how much things have changed since 1621.

A mobile-friendly site (or app) is not an end; it is a means to that end.

If you want to avoid the crowds on Black Friday, avoid shopping between 2pm and 4pm. At least, thats what Google's location data says.

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