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  Today, we're happy to release a very large icon set: the freebie contains 500 icons in four editable variants: outlined, solid, webby and flat, covering all sorts of various categories. Th

  People have many tough decisions to make; whether they should use your application or website to accomplish a task shouldn’t be one of them. Your design team can take advantage of our kn

  We always try our best to challenge your artistic abilities and produce some interesting, beautiful and creative artwork, and as designers we usually turn to different sources of inspirati

  A balanced composition feels right. It feels stable and aesthetically pleasing. While some of its elements might be focal points and attract your eye, no one area of the composition draws

  Prototyping is one of the best things that can happen within a project, yet it is extremely underutilized. Prototyping makes a project better suited to users, elevates user experience, inc

456 Berea St. | Web Standards

Most web developers currently use vendor prefixes in CSS to enable certain features in some browsers. That’s fine, but sometimes I see code examples and prefix-adding tools that go a bit overboard w

In a couple of recent projects I’ve faced designs where the main navigation bar gave me more trouble than usual. These are the prerequisites that make the problem tricky to solve: The navbar is f

Over six years ago I wrote a short post about preventing HTML tables from becoming too wide. The solutions I offered in that post involve using table-layout:fixed to lock down the width of tables. Whi

When trying to force an element to always extend to the height of its parent I ran into some peculiar browser behaviour that I thought was worth mentioning. Here’s the situation: The parent eleme

Allowing images to scale along with their container is an important part of responsive web design (and was so even before the term “responsive web design” existed). It’s really quite easy – al

W3C | Web Standards

The HTML Working Group invites implementation of the Candidate Recommendation of HTML Canvas 2D Context. This specification defines the 2D Context for the HTML canvas element. The 2D Context provides

The Web Annotation Working Group has published a Working Draft of Web Annotation Protocol. Annotations are typically used to convey information about a resource or associations between resources. Simp

The Linked Data Platform (LDP) Working Group has published a Group Note of Linked Data Platform Paging 1.0. This document describes a HTTP-based protocol for clients and servers to be able to efficien

The Internationalization Working Group has published a Working Draft of Requirements for Hangul Text Layout and Typography. This document describes requirements for general Korean language/Hangul text

The XML Core Working Group invites implementation of the Candidate Recommendation of XML Inclusions (XInclude) Version 1.1. This document specifies a processing model and syntax for general purpose in

CMS Wire | Content Management

This is the week Americans celebrate breaking free from Great Britain 239 years ago. July 4, 1776. Independence Day. We all want some kind of independence, right? The right to live the way we want

Some people find inspiration in the shower. Others — like Jay Bernstein, the founder of Long Island, N.Y.-based Win-Win Solutions Group — find it on the Fourth of July … which is w

So a few weeks ago I talked about the Windows Phone 10 preview, and mentioned there were a few things about it I didn't like. I like the Windows Phone. I'm one of like seven people in the country th

A few nights ago I waited on a beach from dusk to dawn, just to see a globally endangered Loggerhead Turtle come ashore to nest. Continue reading... Follow us on Twitter Join free new

With a new upgrade its iOS Engage app, Colligo gives Apple users the ability to copy content between the app and SharePoint, Office 365 and other cloud file repositories. Along with the integration o

Search Engine Watch | SEO

If you're thinking about adding video to your PPC strategy, you're not alone! Here are some tips for easily adding video to your AdWords account.

No matter what your role as an SEO, you probably work with people focused on both the customer and the user experience. Here's a plan to divvy up those jobs.

Since Yahoo loosened the restrictions of its partnership with Microsoft last April, the company seems to be testing out Google powered search results.

Toyota has paired up with Google Places to create a local search API that enables banner ads to suggest geo-targeted activities to consumers.

Join us at SES Atlanta, where we'll feature SEO and PPC talks by Newell Rubbermaid, Aflac, The Home Depot, The Atlanta Hawks, CNN, and more!

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