Launch: Moodie Clings

Moodie Clings is a new company with a mission to help people (and their tank pets) emote more freely. Their colorful collections of vinyl clings allow you to stick your current mood to your favorite coffee cup, window or mirror, and change it on a whim. Plus, if you’ve got a “moodie” fish, snake or hamster, they’ve got clings to help your tank pets express their moods, as well.

Silverline Creative worked with Moodie to create a fun and colorful site that reflects all the character of these unique products. The web site also features full ecommerce capabilities, including a shopping cart with real-time credit card processing and a shipping calculator.

For more information about Moodie Clings, please visit the new site at:

If you’re thinking about adding ecommerce capabilities to your website, Silverline Creative can present a wide range of options and help you choose the solution that’s right for your business. Please contact us for a customized proposal & estimate. We’d love to help!

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