Launch: REM Management Services

Launch: REM Management Services

REM Management Services is in the business of reviewing, developing and implementing management programs customized to their clients needs. They provide consulting and training services with an emphasis on personal service and long-term success.

Silverline Creative worked with REM Management Services to re-design their website from the ground-up, starting with a fresh look at their content development strategy. While their services fall naturally into a number of tidy categories, they find that many clients need a mix of services from multiple categories. This realization led to a dual-structuring of their site content, so that users can peruse their offerings by traditional categories (What We Do) or by the industries they serve (Who We Help). where they can highlight services across multiple categories.

Please visit their new site at

Whether you’re re-designing your company’s message, re-thinking how you do business online, or simply want to give your website a fresh look, Silverline can help. Please contact us for a quote on your next project. We’d love to help.

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